True Stain® Series
Construction Fasteners

Bi-Metal Series | For Sheet Metals | For Hardwood | For Roofing | For Concrete
Star Connected Bi-Metal is the latest innovative joint solution for architecture use. By having highly precision cold forging production, we are able to combine True Stain® 300s stainless steel parts and carbon steel drilling parts without wailing process. Eliminating additional heat treatment, SCBM®-Star Connected Bi-Metal maximizes thread-forming torsional and anti-stripping torsional strength of True Stain® 300 Series. The intensity of anti-corrosion is perfect for outdoor multiple-material fastening.
Indented Hexagon Flange SCBM®


1 Indented Hexagon Flange SCBM®
IHF #12-24×50-#3
2 Indented Hexagon Washer SCBM®
IHW #14-14×50-#3
3 Indented Hexagon Washer SCBM®
IHW M6.3-1.8×110-Wings#3
4 Indented Hexagon Washer SCBM®
IHW #12-24/14-14×100-#3
IHW M6.3-1.8×110-#3
Indented Hexagon Washer SCBM®
IHW M6.3-1.8×170-Wings#3