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Company Profile

      Yea Jann Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded by Mr. Ming-Y Tseng (Peter Tseng) in 1982. The company was originated as OEM to Lu Chu Shin Yee Works Co., Ltd. and specialized in stainless steel fasteners. Within Mr. Peter Tseng’s insight, Yea Jann Industrial Co., Ltd. has gradually evolved into an ODM company.

      With many years of experience, research and development, Yea Jann Industrial Co., Ltd. is currently one of the best in the stainless steel fastener industry. Not only is Yea Jann Industrial Co., Ltd. specialized in stainless steel fasteners production, but also devotes to advance and explore every possibility.

      Yea Jann Industrial Co., Ltd. has fostered the own master stainless steel cold forged production line. With the craftsmanship techniques, our team has developed and improved many fastener parts dedicated to various customers with different needs. Yea Jann Industrial Co., Ltd. has expended it’s very own patented products, SCBM®-Star Connecting Bi-Metal and True Stain® Series. We have served customers from all around the world, and products are sold in every continent. Our research and development team has developed and designed exclusive featuring fasteners in order to fulfill the needs in many different fields, such as automobile, construction, electronics, and more.

       We are always open to challenges and creativities.


Production Capability:
1800 Tons Per Year

Product Range:
M2 ~ M16 x 3 ~ 300mm, #2 ~ 1/2 x ¼” ~ 12”

Certificate :
ISO 9001:2000
Patent Certification:
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